What Is Responsive Design & Why Is It Important?

Aresponsive website is able to adapt to any screen size or orientation it is being displayed on. In essence, any device you view your website on will be viewing your full website and not a cut down mobile version.

Responsive design is widely used in modern website designs due to being able to give a better user experience. The user viewing your website will have access to all the information from your full website, that has been designed to fit the screen size they are viewing your website on, perfectly.

You may have found yourself on a mobile website in the past where the information you needed wasn’t on it and you have had to go to the desktop site, via your mobile phone. What you are then faced with is a large website that isn’t designed for your device and it can become very frustrating navigating it and zooming in and out to find the information you need. With a responsive website this isn't the case, and information displayed on a mobile device will be specifically designed to suit the device and give the user easy access to it.

Google Recommends Responsive Design

Google use mobile friendliness as a factor for ranking your website in search results. A well designed responsive website, is much easier for Google to crawl than a separate mobile version with separate URL and HTML files.

We often see mobile websites that don’t feature the same content as their larger counterpart, which isn’t helpful when looking to rank a business for search terms.

Mobile Usage Is On The Rise

The way in which we interact with the internet in 2017 is vastly different to a few years ago. The use of searching the internet on a mobile device is ever increasing, and you should offer users of your website the best experience possible on any device they choose to view your website on.

Infographic showing the various statisics relating to internet and device usage amongst the global population.

The stats don't lie, the use of smaller-screen devices is increasing each year.

The Benefits Of Your Car Dealership Website Being Responsive

The first interaction a prospect has with your business is more than likely your website. Your website is your digital shop window and needs to be able to sell your cars, almost as well as you do! With this in mind, it would be best to ensure that whichever device a user is viewing your website on, they are able to receive all the information they need and have it presented to them in a way that has been designed for their specific device - we call this a user centred experience.

Every user is valued when a website is designed responsively, whether they are viewing your website on a desktop device, tablet or mobile phone. A responsive website will give the user on your website the best experience possible and it is the best method to represent your business online. If your website users are receiving a positive experience on all devices and your website has been designed well, then this can mean extra sales over your competitors.

Customers, amongst other things, want to feel appreciated. By neglecting the experience of mobile/tablet users on your website, you are essentially sending those people a message that you are unable to cater for their needs right from the first interaction between business and customer.
- Chris Watkins Media Motors

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