SW Car Supermarket

The process taken to refresh and rebrand the website of a brand-diverse Car Supermarket.

Client Brief

Peterborough based dealership SW Car Supermarket approached us with the task of refreshing the look of their existing website to coincide with their move to their new 3.7 acre, 700 cars plus super site. They wanted to create greater engagement with their clients and to better represent the ideologies and ethos of the brand. Offering a significantly great user experience was also a key requirement driving the project.

Refreshing the User Interface

As the years roll on, the world of design (particularly on the web) evolves, meaning websites must continually keep up with the latest trends to avoid looking outdated.

With SW Car Supermarket being such a big brand and having such a large offering, it was important to give their customers access to all this information in a clean, clear and concise manner. We gave greater visual clarity to key pieces of content, particularly within the car search and finance section of their website. You are now able to purchase a car directly from your mobile phone, without the need of having to visit the dealership! With lots of customers doing their research online, and making purchases via mobile devices we upgraded SW Car Supermarket’s website to keep them up to date with new trends.

Optimising the User Experience

Whilst our team always work closely with the client to create a visually appealing website that encapsulates their brand, our number one goal is always to create an experience allowing all users to easily achieve their aims of visiting the website, regardless of the device they are using.

As well as making the site responsive on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, we included several features and pieces of functionality to improve usability and make the user's life easier whilst browsing vehicles. Examples of this include the compare functionality, allowing users to add up to 3 vehicles which they can then compare the pricing and specification of to inform their purchasing decision. Also, users more certain of the vehicle they are looking for are easily able to search by budget or brand.

Dealer Control

The Dealer Control admin system is at the heart of all of Media Motors' dealership websites, and the new SW Car Supermarket website is no exception. By integrating the system, the dealership is easily able to comprehensively manage the vehicles displayed on their website, as well as their pricing, specification etc. Dealer Control also allows SW Car Supermarket to monitor all vehicle enquiries from website visitors, greatly improving their online customer service and sales process.

Dealer Control also offers analytics so you know exactly where your website traffic is coming from which means you can now make more informed decisions on where your marketing efforts lie.

Project Requirements

  • Responsive Website
  • Dealer Control Solution
  • Finance Calculator
  • Vehicle Compare
  • Buy a Car On-Line
  • Part-Exchange Form

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Media Motors is an established company with experience of building bespoke websites and online applications specifically made for the Car Dealership market. Digital Media for the Motor Industry
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