The Paris Motor Show 2016

We recently visited the Paris Motor Show to see first-hand the latest innovations from the world’s leading car manufacturers.

The Paris Motor Show is a big deal in the automotive world. This where you announce your latest achievements and innovations to the world and send the Twittersphere into a spin.

There were several cars we were excited about seeing before we arrived. We knew that Renault had just unveiled their concept car the Trezor - the roof of this car lifts off in order for you to enter and exit. It’s something to behold.

This was certainly one of our favourite cars at the show and one that Renault and their head of design, Laurens van den Acker can be immensely proud of.

For more information visit their website -

One of the other cars we were excited about seeing was, of course, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. Ferrari revealed their open top version of the LaFerrari in a world exclusive at the Paris Motor Show and although we weren’t present for the unveiling we were still excited to see it. The Ferrari LaFerrari is rare and all 200 they built for public consumption have been sold to a very exclusive list of clientele.

The cost to own one, other than a status worthy of invitation to buy one from Ferrari is around €2,000,000.

The Ferrari LaFerarri Aperta.

On top of wanting to see the Renault Trezor and the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, we also have a bit of a fan boy obsession with Tesla. This is because they are challenging the status quo and leading the charge on developing fully autonomous cars that are practical as well as fun.

Rather aptly, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla as well as SpaceX announced this week that ALL Tesla cars that are now produced will be done so with full self-driving hardware. Tesla claim that their self-driving cars are substantially safer than a human driver. This is indeed an exciting time in the automotive industry.

Watch Tesla’s video of their fully autonomous car.

Tesla’s fully autonomous feature isn’t the only thing that excites us about their cars, their ability to go from 0-62 mph in a lightning fast 2.5 seconds is mind blowing. Other than being in an aeroplane, or perhaps a roller-coaster you’re unlikely to experience that kind of speed. We have come relatively close, at just under 4 seconds in a car or around 3 on a bike but to do it in a car and for it to be fully electric, that is something we would love to experience.

At the moment Tesla along with a lot of other car manufacturers are paving a new way for a new world, a world where you won’t have to pilot your car or pollute the environment. At the Paris Motor Show the electric car could have been mistaken for being mainstream, instead of still up and coming.

Another electric car worthy of mention is the GLM-G4 concept car.

Beautiful, isn't it?

For more information, visit their website -

At the Tesla stand we couldn't get any good pictures due to the stand being crowded. The main draw from Tesla was the Tesla Model X. An SUV with Falcon Wing doors, for the rear of the car; these doors only need one foot of clearance to fully open. The cars battery and motor runs underneath the car and this leaves room for this medium sized SUV to have seven seats. As we stated before, we love a quick car and an SUV that combines that level of practicality with 0-62 mph speeds of 2.9 seconds, certainly gets our vote.

Along with the above cars we were also excited to see the likes of Audi, BMW & Mercedes, but who wouldn't be. They are powerhouses of the automotive industry and their displays were sure to be marveled at.

Before we move onto them we had a few pleasant surprises - namely from Citroen and their Cxperience concept car. This car was audacious, from it’s suicide doors to it’s bright green styled 1960’s come futuristic interior. This was a brash statement from Citroen, that they too can make over the top and outlandish concept cars.

We do love the Citroen’s C3, this car has the fun factor. It is a real city car winner and it looked like a star on Citroens platform at the Paris Motor Show.

The Abarth stand was good fun to look around, the little Italian cars are incredibly fun to drive and also to look at.

The Abarth 123 Spider.

Talking of fun, we have to mention the Micro Car stand and their utterly ‘cute’ cars. They even managed to pack enough speakers into them to have the whole of the hall they were exhibiting in dancing. If any of us were in need of a microcar then this would be the one.

Or if we needed a Microcar pickup then we would also choose this one.

The Microcar Pickup.

The Paris Motor Show was excellent and one that will be placed in our calendars on-going. We collected images from the show that were of interest to us and we will leave them below for you to have a look through.

After a long day wandering around the show all that was left was to finish our day off with Moules-frites. Until next time, Paris Motor Show - Vive la France.

Thanks for reading!

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