Looking For More Website Traffic?

If you’re not checking your Google Analytics account you could be doing yourself a disservice, as it has plenty of answers to help you drive more traffic to your website.

How can Google Analytics help me?

As a car dealer, traffic will end up on your website from lots of different sources. These sources may include Google, Direct Traffic, Advertising sites (AutoTrader, Motors, Piston Heads – to name but a few), Other Search Engines, Social, Paid Advertising and E-mail.

As you will know Google is a huge driver of traffic, and many of our client’s largest source of site visits. Not all site visits are created equal though, some traffic bounces straight off your website, whereas others spend longer visiting different pages and converting via forms on your site. With Google Analytics, you can target better quality traffic and work on fixing traffic that is not currently performing as you would like.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool and full of data that you can leverage and use to your company’s advantage. Here are a few of the details you can find from Google Analytics:

  • How many visitors your website receives
  • Which search terms are sending you the most website visits
  • What your websites bounce rate is
  • Which pages on your site are the most popular
  • Which pages on your website aren’t the most popular
  • How many leads your website generated
  • Which traffic source converted the most leads
  • Where your website visitors live
  • Which pages your visitors exit on
  • How effective your marketing efforts are

Let’s say your website was receiving some organic traffic but most of it was via a branded search i.e. Your business name ABC Cars was being typed directly into Google. This is great, but it only works with people who know your business already. How about if you could convert traffic for keyword terms such as – Car Finance Location, Used Cars Location and so on… This means anyone searching for these terms in Google could find your site and this additional traffic could be the difference between a few extra car sales.

Here's how the Google Analytics dashboard for your dealership might look.

With Google Analytics, you can track the keywords your website is converting on, and look at the keywords it is isn’t performing so well on. With a bit of work, via working on your company’s SEO you can start increasing the site traffic to your website for given keywords. You can undertake this work yourself, or outsource it. We will cover SEO strategy in another blog post, and the power well written content, site structure, link building with trusted sources and so on has.

This is just the start, next you will want to see the most popular pages on your site and see if anything from them can be replicated to your least popular pages. Is the content leaner on the pages with a higher bounce rate? Are people landing on your least popular pages for the wrong reasons and does the page need an overhaul?

It is also worth noting which traffic stream is bringing you the most traffic and which is converting the most leads. This will allow you to delve deeper into the streams that are bringing you leads, and put your efforts into leveraging more from them and potentially change your strategy on others if they are bringing you none and have had the same strategy running for some time with little to no results.

Your website is more than a portal to see your stock, it is collecting valuable data about your users that can be used to increase site visits, and the awareness of your business. What if a certain region of the country didn’t have the most site visits but had a higher conversion rate than any other, month after month. Perhaps it is worth looking at increasing or starting additional marketing here and generating more valuable leads.

Your website should be converting from a mixture of different traffic sources, and with all the answers in the form of data being created for you, the time to look at if your site could be doing more for you is now.

Thanks for reading!

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