Meet Chris, UX Designer & Front-End Developer

Chris is dedicated to enhancing the user experience. He is focused on providing uncomplicated and beautiful experiences.

What is a UX (User Experience) Designer?

For a project to achieve its full potential it must start with the user experience. This starts before the look of a website is established. UX is about designing and planning the user experience and journey through your website. You can think of UX as your skeleton, it is the structure in which you are built, but it isn’t how you look. As a UX designer you are responsible for understanding a business’s goals and audiences and creating a journey through a website based on your research.

Chris has been with us for almost a year now, and since joining us he has been focusing on a variety of projects. One of Chris’ first focuses was to understand the journey a customer takes on a car dealers website, and understand the offerings they make to their customers and the hierarchy in which they need to be presented to assist in the purchase of their next car. In achieving this he has been able to assist the customer in their journey on a car dealer’s website reducing bounce rate and creating more conversions.

Along with focusing on the user experience on car dealer websites, Chris has also been building some in-house projects, such as Design Hub and improving the UX within Dealer Control.

Along with enhancing user experiences, Chris is also a Front-End Web Developer. Front-End Web Development is the code written that allows you to see and interact with your website. Chris is responsible for progressing his research into useable, functional and tangible products.

Chris once told us he knew he wanted be involved in design from a young age, his biggest achievement as an under 11 was becoming the Cambridgeshire K'NEX champion and being progressed to the national championship and placing third! If only he dropped this into the interview process, he could have saved himself some time.

We asked Chris what he enjoys most about his role, and what he looks forward to achieving in the future.

Simply put, I love making the lives of the users of our products easier on a day-to-day basis. The opportunity to streamline, simplify, and enhance many of the day-to-day responsibilities of dealerships, and continually improve the journey of potential customers in searching for and finding the vehicle that meets all of their needs, is one that I find to be continually refreshing, challenging, and rewarding. I'm looking forward to growing with the exciting, forward-thinking team we have here at Media Motors, and creating simplistic, goal-meeting user experiences whilst doing so.
- Chris Watkins Media Motors

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Media Motors is an established company with experience of building bespoke websites and online applications specifically made for the Car Dealership market.

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Media Motors is an established company with experience of building bespoke websites and online applications specifically made for the Car Dealership market. Digital Media for the Motor Industry
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