Why You Should Consider Using Live Chat

Engage with your customers in real time, and give them the same experience they receive from you in your dealership, online.

Make Yourself Available

When a customer is in your dealership you’re on hand to answer any questions they have, which ultimately helps them make their busying decision. How about if we told you that you could answer your customers' questions on your website, and give them the same great experience as if they were standing in-front of you – well, you can, and it can be done via Live Chat.

Live Chat is a great way to give your customer the support they need, without interrupting their browsing flow. In essence, they can be viewing a car from your stock that has taken their fancy, and you can be on-hand to assist them via your computer whilst they are still browsing the car via your on-line showroom.

More companies are using live chat each day, and it is something we are becoming used to seeing on websites as consumers. It allows us to get quick answers to the questions we have, and it helps convert many buyers on the spot. This level of availability is seen as transparent by consumers, and helps them receive their answer is less time – which makes them happy.

I Don’t Have The Time

What if we told you that live chat is available across all of your devices? You are more than likely to have your phone with you throughout your day, and as with most great applications on the Internet these days – there’s an app for it! You can reply to customers from anywhere, at anytime.

An email can sometimes be a long-winded way of asking a simple question, and it can be seen as a fairly formal method of communication. With Live Chat you can ask quick questions that can help you with your buying decision. What’s more, your customer can do this without navigating away from the page they’re on and you keep their attention on the car or service in question.

Live Chat Sounds Fantastic! But Does It Do Anything Else? Yes… It Does!

If you’re offline your Live Chat application is still of use. When you set yourself to 'Away', or you are offline, your Live Chat app will act as a contact form and capture customers questions for you to respond to when you return.

You can set ‘Triggers’ within your Live Chat application that can be set off based on a customers behaviour on your website. If your customer is hanging around on a particular page of your website your Live Chat app can automatically send them a message asking them if they require assistance, sparking a conversation between you and your customer that you wouldn’t of had the chance to achieve without.

Would you like to see who is viewing your website, in real-time? Live Chat will provide you with insights of customers who are browsing your website, and you will have the option to start a chat with anyone on your website.

Customers are 3X more likely to make a purchase when you proactively start a chat.

Contact us for more information on how Live Chat can help your business, today!

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