The Need For A Good Dealership Website Is Increasing

2017 will be the year that tens of thousands of motorists will start to buy new cars not from a salesman, but directly from their lap-tops, tablets and smartphones. – BBC

Internet Usage

Using the internet to purchase goods in the UK is increasing. Hardware such as mobile devices and tablets are becoming readily available, at low monthly finance costs. These devices aren’t just devices; they are now also fashion accessories. The connection between technology and our everyday lives is deepening and the software that is developed increases our connectivity to our devices, such as Facebook and Instagram. We are becoming increasingly reliant on our phones, computers and tablets.

It isn’t just millennials that are taking up technology, it is across the board. In 2015 it was estimated by We Are Social, that 92% of the UK were internet users. This has had a huge effect on e-commerce businesses and the UK consumer has had an education on how to use the internet to their advantage and find what they need quickly and for the best deal.

Internet Sales

Internet sales are on the rise; the Office for National Statistics have reported that online sales are increasing YOY. You can see the rise via their chart below.

Online sales are increasing, as reported by the Office for National Statistics.


Typically, a consumer will now turn to the internet when it comes to making a purchase and they will look for the best deal. We are now in an age where there are apps for helping us making better buying decisions, such as Voucher Cloud. We also all receive well designed email marketing campaigns in our inboxes, that will occasionally cause us to open them and purchase something we didn’t even know we needed!

Internet buying is changing where we spend our money and with the trend increasing each year, the car market isn’t immune to this increasing trend.

Right now, you can go to your mobile device and search for a used car you wish to purchase, and find the best deal from a company you are willing to part with your money to. This buying decision has been solely based from the interaction you have had with your phone, computer or tablet.

Why Use the Internet?

There are several factors in why internet shopping has become so popular:

  • Convenience as it can be carried out at any time of day
  • Comparing deals is easy
  • You can carry out research without the pressure of a salesperson with you
  • Making your buying decision is at your pace

Ensuring Your Dealership Converts

With 92% of the UK using the internet and sales increasing each year, it is time your Dealership’s website is optimised to convert the traffic it is receiving.

When a consumer is looking for their next car, it is more than just the price that they are considering. They want to make sure that the company they’re going to be purchasing their car through is one they can rely on.

Your brand is just as important as your price point when it comes to converting leads. Your website is your online sales room, and for many it is the first impression they receive of your brand.

Here’s a scenario: You see a pair of shoes for £70 on an established website, but you find the same pair for £60 on an unknown website, that doesn’t carry the same peace of mind as the established one. But, with a bit more digging you find another website selling the shoes for £65, and their branding is well put together and you can see many people have already bought with confidence from them.

Which do you choose? Now you are faced with a decision on price and where to spend your money based on the perception you have received about a company, via their website. Not all websites are created equal, and to convert consumers who have thousands of Dealerships readily available at their fingertips via the internet, your website should be working just as hard as you would, if the customer was in your Dealership.

If the BBC are right, then a lot of cars will be bought online this year and your website is a great starting point to help grab the attention of all the consumers browsing for a car online.

Read the BBC article here -

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