Planning Is The Key To Email Marketing Success

How do you make a sale without having someone physically in your showroom? Via your website! And how do you get someone to your website? Via marketing! And how do you get someone to your website who already knows your brand? Via email marketing!

If you are looking for quality traffic to your website from people who are already familiar with your brand, and who have probably purchased from you before, then email marketing can’t be ignored! Your current customers are highly likely to purchase from you again, and given that their previous experience with you was undoubtedly stellar, they are the low hanging fruit you need to target.

So, what is email marketing? Email marketing is sending emails to many people, all at once. The beauty of it is that it is permission based, and people receiving emails from you will have opted in to receive them, which means they are willing to hear from you and are already interested in your business. Before you start sending emails to your customer base, you will need to plan what to send and who to send it to.

Planning is the key to success

A well curated plan will be the difference between opens and unsubscribes. If you look at your email account, you will find marketing emails from stores you have previously bought things from, or mailing lists you have signed up for. Take some time and have a look at some of those emails, and see which ones you interact with most, and what causes you to do so.

Your first step is to define your audience. If you have someone’s email address from them when they bought a car from you, then they are a customer. If you received someone’s email address from them via a mailing list sign-up, then they are more of a general sign-up.

Categorising your audience in this way will allow you to target-market different groups and ultimately receive a better conversion rate.

For example: You could email customers who bought a car from you and let them know you have a newer version of their vehicle arriving in stock. You could also email customers whose finance is coming to an end with vehicles they may be interested in.

To general sign-ups you can send them an email with general details about your business and given them an insight into your brand. This will build brand confidence and will likely make your business a port of call when they need their next car.

Media Motors recommends using Mailchimp for your email marketing.

Plan your content

You will need to plan what it is you would like to say to your subscribers. The emails they receive from you should enrich their inbox and make them look forward to receiving them from you.

Not all emails will want to be sales emails, think about adding content about your brand, charitable events, successes and milestones of the company. Give something back to the subscriber, such as a how to, or an invite to an event or special offer. Mixing sales emails with helpful ones will give your subscribers something to enjoy reading, and they are more likely to not hit the unsubscribe button and read those sales emails!

Create a content list, perhaps it might look like this:

  • Blog round-up
  • Brand culture – Photos and stories
  • How to guides
  • Updates within the industry – such as car tax changes
  • Sales emails
  • Information emails about services

You can then gather content and schedule emails built around your content list.

Benefits of email marketing

Building brand awareness and engaging with subscribers to build brand loyalty.

Receiving clicks and conversions through to your website or social media channels. Increasing leads, sales and revenue.

Building a well curated email marketing campaign is a great way to reach out to your subscribers and build relations that you couldn’t physically do with so many people all at once.

Once you have an idea of who to send to and what you would like to say, you can plan an email marketing strategy to leverage the best results, such as send setting goals, send frequency, and campaign types. It might sound like a lot of work but it can be carried out in-house and you can automate a lot of the work once you have your plan in-place.

If you are interested in email marketing and don’t have the resources to dedicate to it, then we are always on hand to help.

Thanks for reading!

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